Don Cornwell's Critique of Today's Spectrum / Vanquish Wine Sale

POSTED ON 08/02/2012

Doubts have been raised over the authenticity of a number of the wines in the Spectrum / Vanquish wine auction due to take place at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel today. The main critique comes from the reliable source of Don Cornwell, about whom, Alder Yarrow says:

Burgundy 2010 – The Wines

POSTED ON 06/02/2012

In the Côte ChalonnaiseIn the Côte Chalonnaise

The tastings in London in January were based on samples brought over from France by producers and wine merchants. As can happen, not all samples are always in pristine condition.

A few of the wines are already bottled, but most are still cask samples that remain to be bottled. In these cases there may be work still to be carried out. It’s not always possible to determine just how different they’ll taste once in bottle.

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