The China Wine Challenge

POSTED ON 15/08/2011

In the first part of this blog post, Ron Brown talked about the Japan wine market and setting up the Japan Wine Challenge. This week, he discusses the China Wine market and the China Wine Challenge's place in it.

Feet up in ShanghaiFeet up in Shanghai

Why and how did you decide to set up the China Wine Challenge?

Talking Wine, Japan

POSTED ON 08/08/2011

I’ve just spent an eye-opening two weeks in China and Japan as a guest judge for, respectively the China Wine Challenge and the Japan Wine Challenge, not forgetting as co-chair of the International Sake Challenge. The competitions are the brainchild of Ronald Brown, a Tokyo wine merchant who’s lived and worked in the Far East for 30 years. In this first part of this interview, he talks about wine in Japan and the Japan Wine Challenge. I’ve posted the names of the trophy-winning wines (below).

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