Talking Turkey

POSTED ON 28/02/2011

‘Discover the roots’ was the suitably punning catchphrase for the first Wines of Turkey conference that took place at Vinopolis in London on Thursday. With 7000 years of culture behind it, the question was: how far back do you want to go in time?

It was apposite in the sense that Turkey has genuine historical roots in wine, and yet inappropriate in the sense that however much it may lay claim to an ancient history and culture, the roots of the modern wine industry in Turkey are shallow to say the least.

New Labels for Old

POSTED ON 08/02/2011

Sooner or later, you feel, or you certainly hope at least, that the One Big Idea will come along and earn you millions, as the inventors of Google and Microsoft can attest. So I’m thrilled to announce that I am soon very much anticipating joining Soros, Gates, Buffet et al as rich beyond my wildest imaginings. Ok maybe that’s overegging the pudding a bit, but comfortable shall we say. However, while their fortunes were earned in the heady worlds of finance and technology, mine derives from a far nobler source, that, of course, of wine.

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