Bottle Shock: Truly, Deeply, Maddening

POSTED ON 29/03/2009

When Steven Spurrier, wine writer and Decanter Magazine's awards chairman, complained about his portrayal in the movie Bottle Shock, methinks he did protest too much. It’s not everyday that a Hollywood filmmaker comes along and says he wants to immortalise you, and by the way, you’ll be played by Alan Rickman.

Bottle shockedBottle shocked

Le Beast

POSTED ON 23/03/2009

You almost have to feel sorry for Le Beast, but not half as sorry as Le Beast must be feeling for itself. And not just because the other French beast, the Caveman and his mates, were routed by the English rugby team.

Is this Le Beast?Is this Le Beast?


POSTED ON 16/03/2009

Blog. Ugly word. Sounds like bog. Did you know there are more than 800 blogs on wine alone? In my own weekly jottings, I'll be recommending wines that excite me and talking about what's topical, exciting and entertaining in the world of wine.

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